Women's Health

Impotency is experienced not only by men but also by women, which is often associated with other female sexual dysfunctions, such as lack of sexual desire, painful coition and anorgasmia (difficulty in getting orgasm). Female sexual dysfunctions are caused by various medical conditions like hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular diseases, neurological issues, diabetes, etc. Psychological stress and depression are also responsible for deranging the sexual function in women.

In these sexual disabilities, women fail to co-operate with their male partner; eventually leading to unsatisfactory sexual activity resulting in emotional disturbances like frustration, embarrassment and disappointment. Fortunately, there are effective female enhancement pills to overcome female impotency and its associated sexual dysfunctions. These female enhancement pills available for female sexual disorders are helpful in enhancing the blood supply to the genitals, which ultimately help eradicate sexual dysfunctions.