Hair Loss

Hair loss can take away happiness from someone's life because it gives an ugly look to the face. Male pattern baldness or Androgenic alopecia is a major concern among innumerable men due to certain factors like genetic predisposition, hormonal (androgen) imbalance, scalp infections, etc. Androgenic alopecia is characterized by the progressive thinning and shedding of hair, which is commonly seen on the top, sides and front of the head or scalp.

In advances cases, men may lose up to 75% of total head hair. Men over 40 years are vulnerable to this type of baldness; however, young adults are also affected by androgenic alopecia. But the good news is, men can prevent hair loss and enhance their hair growth by using hair loss pills/medicines that act on the hormonal level. Also, they can use solution-based medicine that should be applied locally on the affected areas of head to stimulate the hair growth cycle. However, it is important to get a prior consultation with the doctor before initiating any kind of hair loss medicine.